Is it worth it to create a blog? Discover the dino your business needs


Sara Alves Chief of Content & Copy Officer

A few months ago, I asked you to stop killing Facebook. Today I ask you to make blogs grow and be born. Yes, those dinosaurs are almost contemporary with the birth of the Internet itself. Not for the digital demographics, but for the health of your business.

And you ask – rightly so – is it still worthwhile to create a blog when there are so many of them: there are 600 million worldwide. This is a good question.

The offer is more than plenty and the competition is fierce, but there is always space for good content. In fact, those who deliver unique, relevant, and value-added content to the consumer will succeed in this sphere. Confused? Let’s make it simple.

Don’t shout louder, shout better

More than just creating for the sake of creating, it is important to create valuable content. Something that differentiates a business or a brand. Something you won’t find elsewhere. In a world where everyone is shouting, it is crucial not to try to shout louder, but to shout better.

For example, think about a travel blog. When we research a destination, we find dozens of matches on blogs. They tell us what to see, where to eat, but few tell us the best bus route to get to the city center. Better yet, where to buy the tickets. Or if it is possible to do it online.

It is this kind of specific and targeted content, often in the form of a tip and almost always addressing common problems, that interests the consumer and will make him opt for your content instead of knocking on another door.

Part of the experience you use every day

Creating authentic and relevant content is not as difficult as it seems, since the added value is mostly born from the knowledge that is used every day in the business itself. If you have a business about beer, you will easily know what kind of beer goes well with red meat. But the average consumer doesn’t know. So give him that information. If you have a bakery, share quick and practical recipes or tips on how to keep the properties of bread longer.

And no, you will not be handing the gold to the bandit. This content production should never be seen as a threat to the business, but rather as an opportunity to make it grow: the content created will appear as a result in Google Search (+ traffic), reinforcing the brand positioning (+ authority) and engaging more people (+ contacts) that, in the future, may even become customers.

The results will be all the better for the quality of the content that is delivered. Therefore, it is worthwhile to create a blog.

I don’t mean to become a Digital Marketing guru – because there isn’t space for one more on LinkedIn – but think: if the blog wasn’t a good tool, would anyone pay me – in this case, a Digital Marketing company – to make it grow?