MOB Agency undertakes the rebranding of the Portuguese Institute of Photography, on a journey between the present and the past


Sara Alves Chief of Content & Copy Officer

The rebranding of the ipF, which has been teaching how to express each form of sight for more than five decades, arises from the need to reposition the brand as a unique national and universal reference for photography education in the country, guided by technical rigor, excellence, but also a sense of community.

The discovery process, which later led to the realization of the new identity in online and offline materials, began at the genesis of the ipF itself, drawing on all of its values: "It would be an understatement to say that it was interesting to travel through images, letters, and brochures from the 70s," begins Ivo Gomes, CEO and co-founder of MOB Agency.

"We launched this rebranding as a new/old identity - and we are proud of its older side, where all its key values are," he continues.

"These months were, above all, an exercise in recovering a spirit of constant search for knowledge and exploration, created and fostered by its founder Augusto de Moraes Sarmento, whose rigor and passion are still part of the DNA of the Portuguese Institute of Photography."

Leandro Moraes Sarmento, President of the ipF Board of Directors, explains in turn, that "The celebration of the 50 years of the ipF and the passing of its founder were two events that happened practically in the same week. Birth and continuity on one side, end and death on the other - two extremes to be experienced at the same moment. Since then, we have also had a pandemic, which led to adaptations from all of us, and the ipF was no exception.”

“This long “winter” brought questions and challenges, but mainly questions (...) Existential questions that probably many of us will have in 50 years of existence. The ipF, as a living organism, was no exception. It was in this sequence that the collaboration with MOB arose."

The rebranding of the brand comes from the desire to bring a "reinvention, looking to the future without forgetting the past," he continues.

"In fact, in a way, and perhaps out of nostalgia, we wanted to return to that past and recover the more human side, the initial simplicity, the connection to people, the passion for photography, the enthusiasm in sharing knowledge, and the desire to explore the unexplored - all that was at the genesis of the ipF when the institute was just an idea in the mind of a very determined 30-year-old. At the same time, we wanted to renew our commitment to the ipF for the next 50 years of its life.”

The ipF's rebranding won two Silver mentions in the Corporate Image Design and Design Rebranding category at the Lusophone Creativity Awards gala. The initiative aims to distinguish, award, and honor the advertising and communication markets of Portuguese-speaking countries.