Betty, shout goal before everyone else.

Branding, Social Media, Communication Strategy
Betty is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that helps the bettor. How does it do this? It predicts the results of soccer matches from the major international leagues. 

It aims to give structure to the beautiful chaos that is soccer using machine learning, proprietary algorithms, and predicative models. Which is a high tech way of saying that Betty can guess if there is a goal, who will win the game - all in real time. 

Unbelievable, we know.

The soccer ball that is part of our childhood imagination is created with a grid of hexagons chained around the sphere. In Betty's representation the hexagon takes on the outside of the circumference, as Betty aims to bring structure to the game.

The geometric shape is also similar to a cogwheel or other construction elements, and is representative of the invisible mechanisms of the game it analyzes.

An intelligent brand, capable of using higher level vocabulary. With factual and well-reasoned information. At the same time it embraces its more positive side with a playful and fun spirit.

A slightly geeky brand, in the sense that she lives her passion for soccer intensely and her knowledge exceeds the knowledge of everyone around her. Savvy but cute and funny.