Brites, anti-anti-gluten-free-bakeries. Handmade and long fermentation.

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No ear of wheat here! Or browns!

During the discovery process, this was the phrase that immediately denounced what Brites would be - a bold and innovative brand that, despite drinking from the classic references of the French bakery and pastry shop, stands out from its conventional communication.

It is a self-made and artisanal shop located in Porto, but with potential for expansion.

Production is its main differentiating point, culminating in a superior quality product. Fermentation is natural, products are local and of known origin, making the distribution chain as short as possible.

The materialization of this branding was born from the legendary Portuguese character that gives the brand its name: Brites de Almeida, known as Padeira de Aljubarrota.

The entire brand's identity was designed and created from the shape of its oven where, according to legend, Brites de Almeida found seven hidden invading Castilians, who would eventually kill with only your shovel.

She became an inevitable figure in Portuguese history and his name will always be synonymous with the bravery and resilience of a people who fought and defeated the Castilians, ensuring the kingdom's independence.

More than 600 years later, it is from this same oven that we extract the bases to develop all the communication pillars of the Brites brand.