Gina, the gift of self love.

360º, Business Development
We wanted a brand that talked about sex like someone talks about the cereal they eat for breakfast. A brand that was cultured but uncomplicated, with class and a little activist edge. A brand that attacked the patriarchy and taboos but without sounding suffering.

Above all, she had to be that friend of yours who you ask to keep her quiet at the coffee shop even though you have tears in your eyes from laughing so hard you mean it. This is how Gina is born. Pure, on purpose.

A name that could be the name of a fashion designer, a luxury brand, an aunt from Cascais, a euphemism for vagina, and even the name of a Portuguese pornographic magazine for male pleasure from the 1980s. Today she is an advocate of female pleasure. A sex shop that demystifies body shame and claims the right to pleasure of those who have a vagina, be it biological, metaphorical or surgical.
Gina aims to ensure that not a shred of guilt is felt during masturbation. Contrary to what has been spread over the centuries by different religions, and which we still feel its effect today. It reflects that masturbation is not a violation of one's own body but an act of freedom and love.