Intrigo, an enigma that challenges and invites.

Branding, Communication Strategy
Intrigo results from a happy marriage of familiarity, sharing, and welcoming with signature cuisine. A changeable and mysterious cuisine, never knowing what that menu will be.

The location is remote, to say the least. It is located in a narrow street, underneath a bakery that baptized it initially. Whoever finds it at the end of the obscure stairs is often by accident.  The goal was to perform branding that would do justice to its history, feel, and positioning.

We visited the space and experienced in the first person, how difficult it is to find it. We found out from the staff that customers often believe it was called "Intrigo" because it was intriguing. Instead of running away from that path, we wanted to go deeper into this mysterious, dark path of illusion.

We ended up creating an identity based on optical illusions and word-plays that manifest themselves in the logo, cards, letters, and in the very indications of how to get to the restaurant. Not necessarily making the route simpler.

Rebranding allowed us to reposition the restaurant and increase the volume of customers looking for an engaging experience allowing Intrigo to increase the value of its menu.