Má Vontade.
Fine dining is dead. And it was reborn in the cradle city. Freer and more relaxed.

It has stripped away formality to embrace irreverence. It has subverted the norms of fine dining to offer a unique experience where tradition meets innovation in every dish with a dash of sarcasm. This is a culinary odyssey without a straitjacket.

In crafting the Má Vontade brand, we tapped into its essence to forge a visual identity that breathes ease and attitude.

The chosen colors are as bold as the brand's spirit - a profound black echoing its rebellious nature, paired with bursts of vivid colors that mirror its irreverence. The typography is deliberately raw and unrefined, celebrating authenticity.

Together, these elements narrate Má Vontade's story, a beacon of culinary excellence in Guimarães and beyond, where fine dining meets with the uninhibited spirit of urban artistry. 

A hybrid personality that, like the entire brand concept, defies standard norms.

At Má Vontade, the spirit of the Street Chef thrives, an unparalleled personality born from the fusion of two mighty archetypes: the Jester and the Outlaw.

With the Jester’s irreverence and creativity, the Street Chef challenges the status quo, turning the simple act of eating into a playful and even provocative experience. From the Outlaw, it inherits authenticity and boldness, eschewing traditional formulas and infusing gastronomy with innovative and transgressive energy.

A culinary journey that began on the streets, rooted in a reinvented fine dining, where every dish is an act of creative and collective rebellion.

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