Porthys, a 100% mobile workshop fully equipped to service tires.

Located in Porto, it takes the service directly to the consumer, wherever they are - home, street, shopping center, you name it - and this is its great differentiating feature. It works to reduce the impact a puncture can have on our routine.
It is a close, flexible and adaptable service. It was created to respond to real needs in a sector that is still very conventional. 

Circle and circumference. These were the geometric shapes we chose to execute this rebranding, which appeared from the need to improve the brand's perception in the market.

These geometric figures are universal, easy to perceive and connect us, almost immediately, to the automotive world. As they signify transformation and movement, they also highlight the service that the brand proposes to do and its key points.

On the other hand, they are abstract shapes, which allows us to work with them and easily transport them to other areas of the business.

In this way, we were able to put in the most different formats the sensation of movement, agility and flexibility that characterize the brand.