Rise Group, building the future with superior-quality real estate construction.

At the forefront of real estate construction, with an innovative and modern spirit.

With 7 companies of Swiss and French origin, the Rise Group specializes in real estate construction, offering a complete service from the design and construction of the project to the mediation of properties with the end user.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, it stands out not only for its projects' excellence but also for the way it harmonizes functionality and elegance.

We have created a visual identity that reflects the brand's personality, embodying its seriousness, innovation, and elegance in the premium segment.

As the main color, we chose black, synonymous with authority, elegance, and depth - a strong foundation for the identity of an equally strong brand. The sober typography also supports the brand's positioning, with a touch of modernity and innovation, without compromising legibility.

All branding elements were created to fully manifest the brand's voice and personality, ensuring solid and unified communication while conveying a sense of trust and cutting edge.

In this visual ecosystem, each element tells the story of Rise Group, positioning it as an icon of excellence and innovation in real estate construction.

Build the future.