Sapataria do Carmo, good old Portuguese savoire faire.

UX/UI, Web Dev
It brings the name of the Lisbon square where it was born and offers, since 1904, the best of Portuguese footwear produced by the hands of experienced shoemakers in the north of the country.
Despite having a young leadership open to the challenges of digital, it remains true to its century-old principles, working with the same producers who helped the business prosper at the beginning of the last century. Quality and excellence guide, as they always guided, this house, which has become an unavoidable reference in the heart of Lisbon.

The pandemic revealed the communication weaknesses of the Sapataria do Carmo in the digital, exacerbating long-standing needs.

With customers staying away from physical stores, it became imperative to create a new website that would mirror the differentiating points of this brand, creating communication channels that would enhance the direct relationship with the customer and meet their needs.

Creating a space where a centennial legacy could coexist with the changing contemporaneity of the digital environment was the great challenge of this project. It was crucial to “modernize” the brand, immerse it in digital channels and dynamics, without harming its DNA. Together, we turned the crisis into an opportunity, in a process of constant collaboration.