The 15 biggest myths about Facebook Ads


Ivo Gomes Co-Founder & CEO

A month. A year. Or a lifetime.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working with Digital Marketing. If you are implementing Facebook Ads, you have certainly been confronted with some misconceptions about this tool that can make the difference in leveraging a business.

If you don’t work in the area, but are about to start a business and don’t know where to invest, these myths have probably haunted you on sleepless nights too.

Regardless of your side of the barricade, it is important to demystify these preconceived ideas that rarely correspond to reality. That’s why I’ve gathered the 15 biggest myths related to Facebook Ads.

Spoiler Alert:
the list of myths about Facebook Ads is likely to grow in the short term.

#1 I tried before and it didn’t work

It’s almost like saying that Tinder doesn’t work. Maybe you don’t know how to make conversation, you’re knocking on the wrong doors, or you’re just ugly.

Getting back to Facebook Ads.

Facebook requires a holistic strategy and framework for decision making, not common sense.

#2 What works for big companies doesn’t work for me

You can scale businesses of all sizes using Facebook ads… Everything from small stores, fidget spinners, clothing and electric trucks.

#3 My business is different, it won’t work

We all think we’re special, don’t we?

Whether you have an online store or a side hustle business, or a digital product/course business, or even SaaS the thinking can be used and adapted

#4 My audience isn’t Facebook

Everyone’s audience is on Facebook.

Don’t forget that Facebook is a group of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp applications. What varies is the amount of time they spend there. You may simply not have approached them in the right way. You need accurate segmentation and intercepting those people in the right way.

#5 Doesn’t work for B2B

Again, it doesn’t matter who you are trying to reach. Chances are on Facebook. Behind companies are people, the marketing director and CEO are human beings too. This platform is one of the best ways to get in front of your audience predictably.

#6 My page doesn’t have enough likes and followers to make ads

Facebook or Instagram is not just for getting likes or gaining followers.
This is an incorrect assumption. These are vanity metrics.

Ads can be effective even without a large audience. Likes on the page can come later, it is not the focus.

#7 Facebook ads are too expensive

“Expensive”? Compared to what?

The ads, when done well, allow you to invest 1 euro in the machine and it will give you back 2, 3 or more euros.

Once the ads are well implemented and you have the metrics well defined, you will want to invest more and more as long as the ROI remains positive.

#8 A sponsored post is the same as a paid advertisement

They are completely different things.

A “sponsored post” is a unique tactic and does not have any kind of defined strategy.

It is not as targeted and you have virtually no control when compared to the actual ad campaign manager.

#9 It is better to use a highly segmented audience

Thanks to the Facebook Pixel and Conversions API, we have many advanced ways to easily target the right consumers for your product or service, focused specifically on each part of the funnel.

#10 Instagram is only for young people

Instagram has a diverse base of 1.2 billion monthly active users representing all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

While about 30% of IG users are aged 18-24, another 33% are aged 25-34, 16% are aged 35-44, 8% are aged 45-54, and another 5% aged 55 and above (data retrieved October 2020, Statistica).

Since Instagram Ads are part of Facebook Ads, it is another very effective way to reach the right audience.

#11 Facebook is only valuable to the end of the funnel

Bullshit. As mentioned, Facebook can be used effectively as a “full-funnel” tool, to reach your customers at all stages of the consumer journey.

Stop Killing Facebook

#12 Turning ads on and off is optimizing

Humnn. That is incorrect.

Facebook needs as much data as possible. The more data you have by keeping ads running, the more the machine will learn, and the more easily you can optimize and improve ad performance.

#13 Users will not buy on the first ad

If the ad is targeted correctly, the copy is well written, and the way the ad is structured to speak genuinely to the consumer, there is no reason why you can’t get a conversion on the first ad.

#14 Video ads are always better than image ads

There are many cases where a graphic + text ad converts as well or is better than a video. There is no magic formula neither always right.

#15 Facebook has changed so much that this list will not be useful 1 year from now

The platforms change, but the people are the same and so is their way of thinking.