Portuguese Institute of Photography, reveal your vision.

Rebranding, Communication Strategy, Social Media
With 50 years of uninterrupted activity, the Portuguese Institute of Photography (ipF) is the number one reference institution in the photography field in Portugal. ipF is guided by excellence, credibility, a sense of community, creativity, and innovation, providing tools so that everyone can express every way of looking.

In this rebranding project, we focused on repositioning the brand, updating its visual identity and conveying ipF's authority, expertise, and proximity. The new main logo, secondary logo and symbol were developed to reflect ipF's personality, situated between the archetypes of Sage and Explorer.

The visual identity consists of several elements, such as the color palette and typography, and complementary applications, such as the circle inspired by the diaphragm of cameras and the bar that stems from the Shutter Speed of cameras. These elements help make the brand unique and stand out in all its communications.

The voice of ipF was adjusted to be respectful, professional, conversational and friendly, reflecting the passion and enthusiasm for photography and creating a closeness to the students and the community of the institute.
With the rebranding and repositioning of the ipF, we gave new life to the brand, making it more modern, accessible, and aligned with the values and goals of the institution. Nowadays, ipF is a "Home" for the discovery, sharing, and improvement of photographic techniques, inspiring new generations of photographers to express every way of looking.